Building with environmental awareness is finally taking hold. Timberwolf Construction has always endeavored, from conception in 1992, to build as green as practical and possible. This takes several forms.
Good energy efficiency begins with smart design, keeping the sun in mind. South facing windows and plenty of mass in the form of rock and tile combine with careful insulation to keep heating time down. In-floor hydronic and electric heating is the most comfortable and long-term efficient choice when possible.
Using tree species which are sustainably harvested is always the first choice; more recycled materials are also becoming available.

Building to last for more than a century is vital as well - things won't have to be rebuilt in 30 years.

James' background includes gardening all his life and spending 10 years in Berkeley's forestry school (publishing his Kings Canyon giant sequoia research internationally), the California Division of Forestry and the US Forest Service.
Combining this knowledge and love of the Sierra Nevada's indigenous trees, flowers, granite and crystal-clear water with an artist's visual sense produces absolutely knockout landscapes. Using boulders with native perennials which bloom or turn color from late April through November, and introducing recirculating waterfalls and streams, provide a relatively low-maintenance landscape which provides pleasure at every turn. Timberwolf Construction landscapes also serve as native wildlife habitats, especially for valuable native pollinators and colorful migratory as well as resident birds. The boulders and water features can also be brought indoors to remind you, alongside heavy logs and beams and stone, that you are living in the Sierra Nevada.